Dragan Starčević

Near Ljig, on a family property, the plantation was built in autumn 2016 at 275 meters above sea level on a slightly pitched surface covering 0.8 hectares. The owner chose Duke as the main blueberry variety, and Draper as a secondary. The mechanical composition of the soil is very light, and by texture class belongs to the loam type – overall sand content is 42.3%, dust makes 31.1%, and clay 26.6%. Soil pH (KCl) is around 4.5, and pH (H2O) is 5.0 to 5.15, which creates an ideal environment for blueberry root system development.
Due to somewhat lower humus values, furrows of 10-15 centimeters in both depth and width were formed along the whole length of the banks and loaded with conifer clippings. Next, dug pits were filled up with pure acidic peat, and after the blueberry seedlings were planted the banks were covered with conifer trunk and bark mulch. Thanks to the altitude of 275 meters, the first blueberry fruits were harvested in 2018 in the ideal calendar period between 5th June and 5th July giving a yield of 800 grams first-class berries per plant.

little girl walks through blueberry plantation
blueberry plants in banks with conifer clippings and irrigation
tractor forming banks on blueberry orchard
young blueberry plants in the orchard
young blueberry plant leaves
worker fills the hole with substrate aroung blueberry seedling
blueberry plants and auxiliary structures in the orchard
covering blueberry plants with mulch on the banks
banks on the sloped blueberry plantation
rows of bluberry plants on the slope