Respect berry

The plantation was set up in autumn 2015 on 2.5 hectares and expanded by 0.5 hectares in 2016, on a slightly slanted plot. Before building the banks, burnt conifer clippings were applied to the loam-type soil (50 liters per running meter).
Planting of the primary blueberry variety Duke and secondary varieties Hannah’s Choice and Chanticleer was carried out on banks the sides of which were encased with agrotextile ribbons. The difference in height between the banks and the foil was filled with conifer clippings and mulch, which has enabled ideal conditions for plant development, while the microclimate and protection from the elements is achieved with anti-hail nets.

Thanks to the excellent care taken by the owners, their blueberry plants brought them 13 tons of extra and first class berries in the second harvest of the third fruiting year.

ripe and green blueberries among leaves with dew in the morning
man drive little tractor with the trailer with crates full of blueberries
close-up ripe blueberry duke with dew
ripe blueberry in a gutter with conifer clippings and moss
woman marks a hole for blueberry planting
ripe blueberry clusters among leaves
lush blueberry plants in the gutters
hands harvest blueberries
blueberry plants in agrotextile sacks
leafless blueberry plants in the gutter in autumn