Ivan Bekčić Petrović

Primary blueberry variety Duke, and secondary Hannah’s Choice were planted near Vrnjacka Banja at 270 meters above sea level in phases during 2017 and 2018. Due to favorable water and physical properties of the soil and the pitch of the terrain, planting was done in small pits. The percent of overall sand (41.8%), dust (34.3%), and clay (23.9%) in the soil makes it a light loam type. Soil pH(KCl) is 4.20, while pH(H2O) is 4.8, with 4.05% humus. The pits were filled with a combination of fresh conifer clippings and acidic substrate.

Most notable about this orchard was the pruning that took place after planting, specifically the trimming (carried out by an expert) of all one-year-old offshoots to a height of 10-15 cm, which prevented having to remove any flowers.

green blueberries on the plant after the rain
anti-hail net pillars on blueberry plantation
workers on the tractor install anti-hail nets
rows of blueberries on a hill with anti-hail nets
blueberry rows under the rain
young blueberry plant with green fruits after the rain
red yellow green blueberry leaves in the autumn
blueberry plants under anti-hail nets