Blueberries grow flawlessly and fruit plentifully when they are (along with the grower) healthy and content, which is achieved through the application of various protection and maintenance systems, fertilizers, and substrates. Over the years, we have developed harmonious partnerships with suppliers and producers of the best in all these materials, and we would also like to include you.
Following are the partners with whom we work to ensure that you can seamlessly obtain everything you need to complete your blueberry plantation:

  • Terracult – substrate for large pots
  • Pindstrup – substrate for small pots
  • ICL – fertilizers
  • Ina Plastics – gutters and pots
  • Skala Green – irrigation systems
  • Gruža Agrar – anti-hail protection systems
  • Ograde Katić – fences
  • Higi Extra – security systems
  • Chemical Agrosava – chemical protection and fertilizers